Construction continues slowly on the main house but until it’s ready for guests we have built another of the sleeping/lounging spaces that we call the “Bamboo Bothies”. These two stand alone rooms are situated a little above the main house with beautiful views of the green forest below and the sparkling Caribbean beyond. They are simple yet elegant as you can see. The concept was to build something that would provide shelter from the elements with the minimum barrier between the occupants and the surrounding nature. They have a queen size bed with mosquito net and are each equipped with an independent solar power system which provides LED lighting and also energy for an inverter with 110v and USB outlets so you can charge phones and camera batteries or watch a movie on your tablet etc. ¬†Friends and family who stayed in them persuaded us to offer them slightly ahead of our plans, and we are glad we did, as the reaction from guests has been amazing. They have proved popular with the more adventurous traveller who is looking for something new. Find us on tripadvisor,

Contact us for prices and availability, +507 6735 0598


FYI, the word bothy (baw-thay) is Scottish and refers to small rustic buildings found dotted around the remote mountain regions of the UK which are constructed for the purpose of providing shelter for travellers in need. They are generally built of stone in Britain whereas ours are made from the Guadua bamboo we grow on site at Tesoro Verde. If you are curious our guests have left even more beautiful photos on Instagram @tesoroverdepanama #tesoroverdepanama



9 thoughts on “Accommodation

  1. Had one of the most amazing vacations ever as a result of Heather and Jim’s hospitality and knowledge. The kids almost enjoyed the treasure hunt as much as I did and opening up the secrets of Portobello with Heather guiding us was truly enthralling. Thanks guys and ew can’t wait to get back for the next round of 17 Second Pizzas.

  2. Jim and Heather were absolutely amazing during our stay! Our kids were mesmerized by all that their property offered. Jim’s treasure hunt is truly something to experience, watch out, you never know where the next clue is, it may be swinging above or behind you! My kids learned so much about the animals and environment this way. Heathers cuisine is out of this world! So much fresh food from their property, incredible! And the pizza, oh my I have never seen something cook pizza that quick and delicious!

    Jim and Heather are also amazing tour guides, they showed us areas that most tourists never hear about and they seem to know all the locals to assure everything was on track. It was defintely the best vacation we’ve ever taken, relaxing, yet adventurous and we learned so much about Panama, their people and all the little creatures that roam there. So grateful we had the opportunity to experience Tesoro Verde and all the adventures they took us on! We felt so comfortable and secure with Jim and Heather roaming through Panama and we’ve made friends for life!

  3. To Jim & Heather ~ just “wow”! Had no idea of the paradise in which you now live: we wonder if we could arrange a New Imperial International Rally there (a bit different to the two held in Australia!). We’d be surprised if you gave all that up to come back to Scotland…

    • Feelng guilty… I had answered this but forgot to post!
      Very happy to host a rally… would make for some super interesting photos…. suspect the lack of ‘real’ roads might be an issue (!)

      • Cor blimey … I wondered what on earth this was, so had to click on the link to find out!! Lack of roads doesn’t tend to be a problem in this area of Wales… :O) :O) xx xx

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