How to find us

Tesoro Verde is located on the Caribbean coast of Panama, north of the historic town of Portobelo. Our nearest village is Cacique, a sleepy fishing community which we look over from our hillside vantage point. The map below shows where we are.

map one copy

If you are driving from Panama City:

If you are driving from Panama City:

Take the autopista for Colon. 14 km after the tolls take the the junction signposted Sabanitas. Follow the signs for Colon until you come to a busy junction with traffic lights (about 4 km). There will be a Rey supermarket on your right – this is Sabanitas. Take a right turn here, Set your odometer to zero and follow this road all the way to Portobelo and beyond.

About 3km from the Rey, just past a church (creamy yellow colour) on the right hand side there is a 90 degree turn to your right. Now wend your way the rest of the 48km, passing Maria Chiquita/Safarick’s Zoo 11km, Sign for the Adrenaline zip line 12.5km, Rio Piedra school, Playa La Angosta 15.6km, Rio Guanche Bridge 22.5km, Portobelo 32.5km, Don Quijote Pizzeria 39.7km, Crossroads for Nombre de Dios 42.3km, (go left).

Just before Puerto Lindo, there’s a sharp right hand bend, complete with speed bumps and cat’s eye reflectors. Immediately after this you make a left turn onto a gravel road. This is the road to Cacique. The landmarks are CANTINA JOEL, and a bright yellow house. This is as far as Google Maps roads can take you (although we are marked on the map correctly). Waze on the other hand goes all the way to Jose del Mar (although we are not marked yet)! At this junction your odometer should now read 48km. About 200m along this gravel road take the right turn and continue for 3km. You will pass a yacht marina (Panamarina) on your right. About 0.5km further on you will pass a property on the left with a white painted fence. Continue for another 100m and turn left into a dirt track immediately before a single storey blue painted house. There is usually an old Pepsi sign outside advertising “Aceite de Coco”. This is our neighbour Anna’s house who makes and sells coconut oil!

Tesoro Verde is one kilometre up this track. Take your time on this last part, it’s rough in places but if you go slowly you’ll not only be kind to your car but you’ll maybe see some interesting birds or animals.

Phone signal can be sketchy where we are so we recommend that you download/copy these directions to your phone before you start your journey!

If you are taking a taxi:

Ask the driver to take you to Cacique, the small village beyond Portobelo. As you leave the asphalt road at the junction before Puerto Lindo follow the instructions above.

If you are taking a bus:

Take the bus from Stand 23 in Gran Terminal Albrook, to Sabanitas, and make sure you get on the express, or go all the way to Colon, and change there for Costa Arriba.  From Sabanitas (outside the Rey supermarket) the bus service to Portobelo is very regular however only a few buses per day continue further up the coast. These are generally very early in the morning or in the late afternoon (taking people to work and back from Colon) You can get a taxi from Portobelo if there is no bus for a while or wait for the afternoon service. Be careful that the bus you take from Portobelo is going to Isla Grande/ La Guaira and NOT Nombre de Dios. If the bus doesn’t go to Cacique get off in Puerto Lindo and either take a taxi or call us. If you do make it to Cacique call us from there and we will come and get you.

Call on (country code 507) 6735 0598 or 6658 3121, any other questions? You can email us at


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