Photos and (B)log

 Hello Everyone!

Just in case the other items on the menu don’t interest you or you just want to keep up with progress on our project we have included this page exclusively for our photographs and blog.

I have been mulling over the notion of keeping a journal for it seems like aeons. Phrases and sentences, observations, they skitter through my mind as I’m gardening/driving/swimming/staring at the ocean or listening to the sound of rain on the ‘tin’ roof. My big problem with ‘blog’ is the sound of the word, it’s ugly and abrupt. Journal sounds too affected. Diary implies it will be daily. I hope it  will be a record. What was I thinking about, stressing over, excited enough to write about?

Will I be disciplined enough? Will I become pompous or flippant? Jaded, cynical, condescending or just plain boring? No. I’m going to really try to explain why we are here, why we chose to change the dream and put down roots in Panama, what drives me crazy about this country, what lifts my heart and makes my day! (Apart from my husband :-)).

A good friend has advised me to ‘tag’ as what we are doing is interesting to a lot of people ( even if it just proves to them that we are nuts and they are sane!). We are ‘off-grid’ using solar power and managing our own water supply, building our own house in a foreign country, planning to be as ‘eco’ as we can, growing some of our own food, will be making our own furniture, and more.

Let me know what you think



8 thoughts on “Photos and (B)log

  1. Hi Heather!

    Your little piece of Paradise just keeps getting better and better! I would like to share some photos I took while visiting your hidden treasure on my trip to see Capt. Pete and Renate. Especially my picture of you holding that huge beetle on the street in Portobelo. Please let Renate know the best way I can get them to you. On another note, I would recommend as a blog subjects some of the interesting history of your area as well as the diverse population currently residing in the northern coast of Panama. Now I am thinking Pizza. . . .Best NY style Pizza in Panama! Cheers! Chris Z.

  2. Hi Heather! Sally and I think of you, Jim and our slothful stay in the bothy often. Best vacation EVER. Glad you’re still at it – suspension bridge yet??
    I’m still looking for a small cruiser, and just saw a Westsail 32 for sale in your neighborhood – seems like its bee around for a few years, in and out of the Panamarina when not in the San Blas. The boat almost seems too good to be true, and I was wondering if you or Jim knew anything about it, the owners or the circumstances of the sale? Sundowner, out of New Orleans. Would be great to visit again if we wind up flying down. Best, Steve

  3. If you are looking for a relaxed, rustic and cozy experience, you don’t need to look any further. Your hosts Jim and Heather will make your stay both comfortable and chill.

    My daughter had one bothie and I had the other.

    You are forewarned that there is presently one shower and one toilet for all guests as well as hosts. There are plans to build a separate one for the two bothies. There were a total of 4 of us. It was not an issue for us.

    The views, concert of wildlife, brisk clean wind, and comfort made it hard for us to actually do anything grand. We spent a great deal of time getting to know the hosts and walking to Panamarina Yacht Club for our meals (except breakfast). Jim prepares excellent breakfast which we made sure never to miss. The walk to Hans’ restaurant in Puerto Lindo was a one time event as I found it a bit demanding and the food was not comparable to Panamarina.

    We did not have a car which could prove problematic if you want to move around extensively. The public transportation is very limited and not very comfortable.

    We were disappointed with the diving conditions but impressed with the professionalism of the local dive shop, Panama Reef Divers. Franck maintains impeccable and new equipment. If you have a wide history of dive locations around the world the reef at Islas Hermanas will not excite you. Due to constantly changing weather conditions our dive plan of 6 dives ended with 2. If you are interested in concierge diving Puerto Lindo is not the place, as it is a small operation and the dive boat is confining.

    And yes, we would do it over and over again!

    Stayed March 2017

  4. Wow! We thoroughly enjoyed our “Jungle Pizza” evening! Jim & Heather are incredibly charming folks who made us feel warm and welcomed. Just driving to the ‘hut’ felt like we were in an Indiana Jones movie! A great addition to our Panama adventures, plus great conversation with people from all over the world. We can’t wait to return next Christmas! Cheers, Wendy & Dan Lightell (Carole’s kids)

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