Navigating the Panamaze at night

You are now looking down on the first hedge maze in Panama. The first 300 hibiscus seedlings were planted in 2009 and were joined by 2600 others the following year. Although it’s difficult to see from the photographs, the maze is laid out as a map of the country and slopes downhill from the “Costa Rican” border to “Colombia”. Although it’s not the largest of mazes is does provide a challenge and because it is situated on a hillside it offers a healthy workout too. Still in the planning stages is a bamboo bridge which when completed will transport successful participants above the center of the maze to the exit giving a chance to offer “advice” to any friends who are still getting their bearings. Crossing from the “Caribbean” coast to the “Pacific” the bridge will be our tribute to the world famous Panama Canal.

If you join us for one of our Full Moon Pizza nights or Host your own Pizza party you will have the chance to explore the Panamaze as part of your visit!

Panamaze from the air

Panamaze from the air


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