Go beyond the guide books and experience the special charms of this wonderful part of Panama by taking a tour in the company of your own personal expert. Your guides have lived in Panama for over fifteen years and have accumulated a unique store of knowledge that they love to share. These tours have something for everyone to enjoy!

Portobelo Historic Tour

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThis sleepy tropical town was once the richest and busiest port in the world! A veritable jewel in the Spanish crown. Find out when and why and how it’s activities affected the world we live in today. Visit historic churches, walk among ruined Spanish forts and touch the iron cannons that fired on the real pirates of the Caribbean! This tour can be extended with a short boat ride to include the seldom visited ruins of the Spanish fortifications on the opposite side of the bay from the town. Almost forgotten and half buried in the jungle it will give you a true taste of history.

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Jungle Tour

Two toed sloth hanging outOn the hillside overlooking the coastal village of Cacique, and over a kilometer from the dirt road that takes you there, Tesoro Verde is ideally placed for an exciting trip into the tropical rainforest. The land here is teeming with jungle activity in all it’s forms, from colourful fungi to resident howler monkeys and everything in between. The wildlife sightings on this tour are too numerous to mention in full but we are confident that no matter your level of jungle experience you will return home with memories to last a lifetime. Your guide can vary the route to suit each group’s abilities and interests ensuring that you get the most from your experience. Creek walking, ambling through forest greenery and breathtaking views over the forest to the Caribbean beyond are highlights of this magical dip into nature. Be sure to bring your camera!

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2 thoughts on “Tours

  1. Heather, I’d like to leave a review on your site as we discussed in Jan, but I’m not sure where to put it. Here it is in case you are able to re-post where you need it. I also left a review on trip advisor under Portobelo Tours.

    My parents and I did the jungle tour with Heather and it was absolutely amazing! It was easily one of the top three highlights of our two and a half week trip to Panama. Finding the place was quite easy with Heather’s detailed directions. She was so knowledgeable with respect to the birds, wildlife, and plant life. She did the tour at our pace (or I should say my parents pace) and didn’t rush us at all, letting us watch the monkeys as long as we wanted to and answering our endless questions. This was the only time we saw monkeys during our Panama trip and what a treat it was! The tour is advertised as three hours, but Heather was not at all fussed that it went longer. She has a way of making people feel like they have known her forever. The tea at the end of tour was also quite special and since the tour is done on their property, we had a chance to enjoy their little piece of paradise. I highly recommend this tour and hope to go back someday to stay in their ‘quaint’ rooms! Thanks so much Heather for the memorable experience!

    • Tressa, it was a pleasure to show you and your parents around our piece of the jungle. As we discussed, we aren’t a zoo, so chance plays a part in what you can see on any given day. I am glad you got to see so many of the Howlers and Tamarins, they don’t always appear as we would hope! Please do come back, and try one of the ‘bothies’!!

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