Peace & quiet returns to Tesoro Verde


Rainy season makes itself known

Rainy season makes itself known

Life is returning to normal.It is Sunday lunchtime here on the 18th May, and this is our first morning ‘child-free’. The group from Tahoe flew out from Tocumen early today, and peace and quiet are creeping back to ‘Tesoro Verde’. I have been checking mail etc ( internet was down Friday and Saturday ) and Jim has been trying to tidy, clean, put things away…… on their last day I consciously gave-up trying to maintain a degree of order, I wanted to spend every last second with the Tahoe crew, enjoying their crazy energy and moods up until the last moment. Consequently there’s a mound of dirty laundry staring at the machine (wish it could jump in there all by itself) , coolers and chairs to repatriate to various friends houses, an agenda to check….. I am due to give two Shiatsu massages Wednesday morning, a jungle tour Thursday, organise a pizza night at our mud oven, start designing a custom trip for four people who have two weeks to ‘experience’ Panama, contact two friends due to arrive in July….. just stepping back into my ‘real’ life.Rainy season is here. We had big shortage issues while the school were here, until the kids got the hang of where the water was coming from and that it wasn’t an unlimited supply( our stream or quebrada ) and then got some rain, so muddy, cold, they experienced it all. To see San Blas through fresh eyes reinforces why we go back every year. It is as close to paradise as I am ever likely to get, looking forward to our next trip in August already…… ImageImageImage


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