I promised myself I’d write a regular blog…..

….and then immediately felt pressured :-).

It’s been a crazy week. Full Moon Pizza last Thursday, Jungleland Friday thru’ Sunday. Panama City Monday to finally collect those elusive new passports and pick up Josie and Mesha, super new hike to Playa Blanca Tuesday and dashing back to prep the barbecue for old friends and new the same night. Then this morning two massages…. Guess I need another holiday in the San Blas, so roll on AUGUST?????


We didn’t manage our annual trip with Charmer in 2014, just the two trips with TEA, ( photo courtesy of Taylor Simmers ) so feel I MUST get there this year. The San Blas really does feel like paradise. Every second there the clouds shift, shadow the ocean differently, and green turns to azure to mercury. The moment we finally drop the anchor I feel like I’ve never been away and all the frustrations and complications and to be fair, the excitements of ‘normal’ life slip away like shedding a skin. And our only goal is to relax. Beach-combing, snorkeling, swimming, bonfires and barbecues on the beach, fishing, reading, the time goes way too fast.

To get there seems very stressful, prepping the boat, provisioning for five to six weeks, packing all that food away so that the boat can function, anticipating breakages and the spares required to fix them. The last ounce of diesel and water we can possibly cram into the tanks. And I never want to leave…….. Roll on the holidays!


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