Twenty years later…..

Happy Birthday Jim:-)

Twenty years ago today, we sailed away from Granton harbour in Edinburgh on the good ship Charmer. Since then we’ve sailed thousands of miles together, met wonderful people and seen amazing places. The friends who waved goodbye that day, are still our friends. The new ones we’ve met along the way have changed our lives. The plan ( did anyone say ‘plan’?) was to be home in Edinburgh circa 2002, so we are a little behind schedule. Instead, I wake up to the sounds of howler monkeys most days, and look out at the Caribbean. We work, sometimes it feels like torture, to make Tesoro Verde the kind of place where people feel welcome, and can share our adventure. I am looking forward to the next one (!)

Your smile makes my day, every day, love you……. H


5 thoughts on “Twenty years later…..

  1. Great photos Heather & Jim ! So pray tell what is your next adventure ? Something in Europe ? Always good to re-live our Panama adventures when we see your photos. You both look great !
    Do you remember Shari & Ted of “Mystique” – he died of cancer few yrs ago, she arrives here next week with her RV in tow & dog …… then Kelley & Jan of “Refuge” will also come up from Oregon – big reunion for 4 days – happy memories ! Take care !
    Love, Jan & Dorsey

    • I am happy to hear from you, and yes, another adventure! We fly to Indonesia in a few days, Jim to do a fabulous course in bamboo architecture, and me tropical permaculture, courtesy of a very familiar name to you? Steve, who actually moved to Tahoe after experiencing your gorgeous cabin with Jim and I all those years ago…. Say hi to Shari, always glad she persuaded me to get another hole in my ear (!) and Refuge too….. We met Steve and Lovisa in Pedro Miguel too…. small world….

  2. Happy birthday Jim and i can’t wait to be one of the people who returns to your patch of paradise to adventure with you guys. Xxx

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