Year end…..

It’s been in some ways a braw year. Started in the new year with Fraser & Jackie, met some lovely people, started the BnB, went to Asia with Jim , and then also a bit of crap. Didn’t get to San Blas for our holidays. Brexit. Trump. Mark broke his leg. Lost our tenants. Spent a fortune on Woodside. Have an epic person handling that for us now (HF!). Discovered Workaway. Joined an art class. Experienced our first hurricane.

So I will attach some gorgeous photos. Wish you All That You Deserve, and a happy new year. Tesoro Verde is open to all friends, come see us!


Two toed, a couple of feet from the shower


after the hurricane, I am lost!


loving those bananas



free diving the tunnels


my favourite hummer


3 thoughts on “Year end…..

  1. Quite the year–too much difficulty, not enough joy…2017 will be better, I promise! We’re in Panama until May, finally, no foreign travel planned, so hope to see you soon.

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