Blue Moon Pizza Party!

Once in a blue moon there’s a blue moon! OK, that sounds idiotic but stay with me please. When there are two full moons in the same month the second is called a Blue Moon, and there is one at the end of this month. July 31st to be precise. So what does that mean for us at Tesoro Verde? Since we already run a pizza night every full moon we wanted to make this Blue moon event something special so in addition to pizza in the evening we are going to cook during the day too, and whether you choose to attend in the day time or in the evening there will be fun things to do as well as eating the finest wood fired pizza outside of Naples! As a further inducement we have kept the price of each to just $15 pp


The smoking pig pizza oven will be fired up in the morning to be ready to cook in the afternoon but you are welcome to come around any time after midday and take some time to wander around our property before we eat. There are paths to hike and lots to see in the surrounding jungle  . We will gather to cook and eat around 1pm and you will get the chance to get your hands into the dough if you like and as with our regular full moon pizza nights a free beer or soda is included. When everyone has had enough and your meal has had a chance to settle we will take you on a guided jungle tour where you will learn about the fascinating plants and wildlife in this corner of the Portobelo National Park.


For the night owls the format follows the popular pattern of our normal full moon pizza night where we start cooking around 6pm and continue until everyone has had enough, eating family style with the chance to create your own masterpiece. Your extra activity comes in the form of a “cocktail hunt”. Down the hill from the pizza oven is our hibiscus labyrinth, the Panamaze. You are invited to enter if you dare with the flashlight you brought with you and track down the cocktail stations within. The maze is on a slope so to help with the dry work of navigating it’s puzzling paths you will be given two complementary tokens to “pay” for your drinks. For the adventurous or just plain thirsty there are additional tokens hidden within the maze! Alternatively cash works too!


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