What a Blue blast!

The sad news is that we will have to wait three years for the next blue moon, the good news is that our Blue Moon Pizza event was a great success!


For the first time we kept the “smoking pig” fired up the entire day and, despite good intentions, completely lost count of the number of pizzas we and our guests produced. There were many new combinations that we will definitely come back to, and enjoy again. Austin’s cheese stuffed crust was a hit, the only dilemma was how to translate it into Spanish. With the help of Silvio from Nicaragua we finally settled on Corona rellena. Little Chloe needed to stand on a cooler to reach the rolling table but once in place she produced pizza like a natural pizzaiola.P1080340-1With a break to let food settle our guests then enjoyed the nature walk that we arranged for the day with the adventurous ones climbing up the stream bed next to the pizza oven, emerging from the jungle further up the hill, and continuing with the rest of the group up to the lookout point, for a view out over the Caribbean.

Despite threatening rain a couple of times the weather continued fair and as night fell and the oven’s red glow deepened in the darkening jungle, the pizza making got into full swing once more for the evening participants. As bellies filled the atmosphere became charged with anticipation. Finally the pizza making stopped, and everyone put on their headlights and made for the maze and the promise of surprises within. P1080368We’ve never made use of the maze at night before so it was great fun to hear squeals and giggling in the dark, noises associated with discovery and frustration as the hibiscus hedges were navigated and the beer and cocktail stations hidden within were tracked down. I can’t remember if the final recipe of our Blue Moon cocktail was ever agreed upon, perhaps we’ll have to have a re-run. Or should that be a re-rum!P1080370


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